Aaannddd breathe…

After three (count them: one, two, three!) weeks at work, I was excited at the prospect of a long hike to renew and refresh my mind and body. Early on Saturday morning we headed just an hour out of town to Dromana to do the Two Bays walk, a 26k walk to Cape Schanck.

Accompanied by a few fabulous women, the hike was the tonic I didn’t know I needed. Step after step, we reflected on our life situations, discussed our plans for future and also walked in companiable silence.

Being in nature and walking has always been a tonic for me but it wasn’t until I took on the Larapinta trail, the day after leaving my job, that I realised that it would become a necessary part of my life to keep mind, body and soul in balance. Not that three weeks of low-stress work has put me off kilter, but I’m all about the preventative measures and creating good habits before I return to a ‘real’ job.

I followed up the hike with a float the following day, and with a bonus day off thanks to the Queen’s Birthday (God save her), life is pretty damn fine.

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