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Funemployment is over. Tomorrow I start an eight-week contract. It’s a little more than eight months since I left my job, so it’s certainly time I got back to it. And I’m looking forward to working again. I have an irrational fear that I’ve forgotten how to use my brain during this time off. But I’m sure it’ll kick in once I put on my corporate clothes. To be honest, the money will be nice too. I’m not yet having to eat pot noodles but eight months without any income puts some pressure on the savings account.

I know it’s only a contract, but I need to be protective of my personal time, and not letting this work consume me. That’s always happened in the past, in that I am so focussed on my job that 40-hour weeks become 60+ hour weeks and my personal life and health suffers. So, I’m looking at this as a practice run for when I take on a permanent role.

Every habit I’ve deliberately created during my time off will be even more important when I’m working. Daily meditation. Exercise. Eating a mainly plant-based diet. Weekly flotation therapy. In short, putting myself first. I’m determined to keep these habits so will hold myself accountable to ensuring these habits don’t fall by the wayside.

Certainly, this week I’ll be eating well. I’ve spent the afternoon cooking to stock the fridge and freezer. I’ve made a delicious roast cauliflower soup, cocao protein balls with almond and cashews and my bircher is in the fridge ready for breakfast in the morning. I do love my cooking and it’s been so fun to learn how to be a vegetarian (most of the time).

I have a feeling this week will be exhausting as I get back into the 9-5 routine, so I’ll check in next weekend to update everyone on how it went.

As a side note, while I was cooking today I reflected on my time of funemployment. Aside from a few occasional wobbles, mainly about my financial security, it really has been fantastic. It’s been such a gift to have this time off and think about what I really want my next step to be. I have no regrets but the one thing I didn’t get to do was my overnight hike at the prom, thanks mainly to schedule clashes with school holidays, poor weather and tide times. But I’ll keep that up my sleeve for a weekend trip when I’m back at work. I have a feeling I’ll need it!

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