Not the conversation I expected to have

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It’s Sunday morning and I’m taking a moment to pause before leaping into another day.  I am literally pausing and counting down to when I can have a coffee because I had a green smoothie for breakfast which is a quick and easy way to get two or three serves of fresh veg. Apparently you need to leave 30 mins between consuming iron in vegetable format and drinking coffee, otherwise the coffee impacts the body’s ability to absorb the iron and other nutrients. So, I am writing while I wait for those 30 minutes to pass.

It’s been quite the week, for many reasons. I’ve picked up some work to train people working on election day, which is next Saturday. I worked all day yesterday and on Friday night. And I’ll be back there this afternoon. It’s really enjoyable but super taxing as I’m on my feet the whole time and I need to retain order amongst the 30-odd participants in each session. I’m learning loads, and a bit of money never goes astray either. The other people working there are lovely and one of the guys gave me a scoby which I’ll use to make kombucha. Stay tuned for that adventure.

Speaking of money, next week marks eight months since I left work. I’ve been on the hunt for a new role for a little while and that in itself is pretty draining. In fact, the part I find most challenging is the emotional ups and downs. Let me explain: This week started really great. I had four interviews lined up. Two were first interviews, one was the third and final and the last was about interim contracting. “Surely,” I thought, “one of these will land for me.”. Ohh, what little I knew. Here’s how the week panned out..

One of the first interviews was, well interesting. The two people I met were curt with each other and frequently disagreed on what they were trying to say. Thank you, next.

The next first interview went great, and I was asked back for a second meeting two days later, which also went well. I’m waiting to hear if I’ll be invited back for a third.

The meeting about contract work went well, and tomorrow morning we’re talking about the scope of work and timings. It’d be good to have some money coming in but I’ve learned I shouldn’t get excited until it’s signed, sealed and delivered.

And then we have the third and final meeting. This was for a senior leadership role at a small company going through a strategic and commercial turn-around. I’d already discussed salary expectations with HR and this meeting was with that HR person and a potential peer. It started out the standard way: I gave the peer and overview of my career and capabilities. Then the HR person said the company is having a re-org and the role we’d been talking about may not be available, and how did I feel about taking a more junior position. Well. I can be honest here and say no f&&king way, but I’m proud that I maintained my professionalism and handled it far better.

Now, the reason I’m not interested in the junior role is that a) it’s below my capabilities but what is actually more important is b) which is that she asked me in front of the senior level peer, so if I agreed to the lesser role, my credibility would be completely shot with him. And that’s pretty damn difficult to recover from in the workplace. I said to them both that it wasn’t the conversation I was expecting to have and was really unclear about what the role had evolved into.

Further, the HR person couldn’t give a lot of detail about what the junior position was, so in all it was confusing, and I was incredibly unimpressed. She’s calling me this week to discuss further, but I just can’t see myself working for an organisation that treats people that badly before they even walk in the door. I was absolutely fuming on the train home. That meeting was a complete waste of my time. HR should have called me in advance to brief me on the role changes. I gave myself that night to be cross and the following morning, dusted myself off and started hitting up my network again.

And that’s my week of ups and downs. I’m hoping there will be far more ups this week. I’m going to schedule a float, which I’ve neglected to do for some time.

Right, time’s up. That’s 30 minutes gone and my coffee is ready.



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