Breakfast reboot

breakfast Habit is my friend. I like routine. I like to know what I’m doing each day and each week. I love planning my week and meals every Sunday night.

I’d faithfully plan out my week’s meals and prep boxes for my work lunches. That meant I often ate the same thing for a few consecutive days, but I took the convenience win over stimulating my palate.

I realised, however, that was limiting the variety of my diet. And now that I’ve embraced vegetarianism, it’s even more important that I mix things up with my diet to make sure I’m eating all the necessary nutrients.

So this morning I didn’t have my regular breakfast of a smoothie or porrige. Shocking. yesterday I baked this amazing zucchini and spinach loaf, which I sliced and stored in the freezer.  So I took out a couple of slices and popped them in the oven to both thaw and warm. In the meantime, I poached an egg, sauteed some mushrooms and wilted some spinach. And the result was pretty spectacular.

This breakfast had a good hit of protein, fibre, vitamins, healthy fats and minerals.  I washed it down wtih an almond milk turmeric latte and have powered through my morning.

My biggest challenge is that I liked it so much, I want to have it for breakfast tomorrow. But that goes agasint the grain of my commitment to variety. Oh, the struggle is real.

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