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By some small miracle, I had a phone conversation with a dear friend yesterday. We normally play phone tag for a few months before actually being able to speak, so this was quite an achievement. Firstly, it was wonderful to chat with her. Secondly, she said some kind things about this blog and we had a good discussion about the gender disagreement I recently had. It got me all het up again, so enough about that.

I realise it’s been some time a since my last entry, so here we are and this one’s for you, my friend (you know who you are). There’s a myriad of thoughts bouncing around my head at the moment, but I’ve written them down to use for posts at another time. With Christmas and a birthday just around the corner, I’m in a contemplative mood. Here’s what in my head.

1. Work. It’s been a little more than three months since I left my job and it’s no secret that I have loved every minute. On reflection, that’s because I’ve been doing loads of things I really like doing. All the things I didn’t have time for when I was working. Like, cooking, travelling, eating well, seeing friends, exercising regularly and reading. The list is long. My key learn here is that upon my eventual return to work, I need to ensure I maintain the discipline around protecting ‘my’ time. Because nobody else will.

2. The secret to feeling good. This is less of a secret, but an often-forgotten discipline. Eat less and move more. Boom, that’s it. My vegetarian and vegan escapades, along with a commitment to walk at least 13,000 steps a day and to have a consistent exercise routine mean I’m feeling better than I have for a while. My skin is better (maybe also because I’m not in an air-conditioned environment any more) and I feel lighter. I’ve lost a little weight and would like to lose a couple of kilos more, but I care more about how I feel.

3. Friends are the best. I have a load of really amazing, supportive, non-judgemental friends. And they’re all awesome. So too is my family, for the record.

4. Simplifying life is easier than it sounds. Naturally, that’s a lot easier without a job. That’s 60-odd hours a week that are suddenly available to be filled with other activities. The Joy Of Missing Out (JOMO, don’t you know) is a wonderful thing. So too is clearing out unwanted and unused things from home. I’ve made a well-worn path between my place and the local Vinnies’ store, donating a load of stuff I don’t use or wear any more. I feel physically lighter for doing so, too.

Life is good. Great, even. Taking a minute to reflect on that is time very well spent.

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