Walking the walk

I’ve had a wonderful time on my travels over the past three months but that holiday approach to life has left me feeling a little bleurgh and wobbly. I’m home – for two weeks – so I’m instilling some discipline. I thrive when I have a regular routine. With all the travel I did for work over the last three years, I suffered for not having predictability in my life. So, here are the things I want to turn into habits.

Eating well, consistently. I’m back to the vegan/vegetarian eating and am already feeling better for it.

I like to have a smoothie for breakfast, particularly when I’m pushed for time. It’s quick and easy, and I usually prepare it the night before. The upside is that the frozen fruit has time to thaw before I blitz it all up. It’s summer so I’m currently using a lot of my favourite fruits: Mango, blueberries and blueberries. I usually put in half a banana and also some frozen spinach. I put in some protein powder, because I’ve learned that if my meals don’t have it then I get hungry again super fast. I get mine from The Source. It’s organic and not flavoured. I add a few spoons of yoghurt, which is usually home-made, a handful of coconut flakes, a scoop of oats and a good pour of almond milk. Sometimes I add some spirulina powder for an extra nutrition boost or a tablespoon of peanut butter, for bonus protein and nutty goodness.  That all blitzes up nicely in the blender and sets me up for the day quite nicely, particularly when served with a coffee.

Exercising frequently and consistently. I am most excited about this habit. Travelling throws routines right out the window and the quality of my exercise suffered, as did my waistline. My stress levels are totally manageable at the moment, but it’ll be important that this habit is truly embedded before I return to work. Yes, that will happen. One day. So, I’ve been going to classes at the gym daily and am aiming for a daily minimum of 13,000 steps.

Early on Sunday morning I went walking with one of my besties. It was absolutely stunning, and we walked along the bay from where we live up to Albert Park which is about 11km in total. There’s rarely a quiet moment when we catch up, so it was an excellent way to have a good chat and get in a tonne of steps (19,000 for the day). Much of the walk was an in-depth discussion about what we’d have for breakfast as we’re both pretty obsessed with food but also, we worked up a pretty mean hunger. We both mentioned the December wobble had hit us and then had a good laugh because we also both know what to do to stop it: Eat less and move more. It’s not rocket science.

My daily step goal also counts as ‘training’ for my final trip of 2018 – a trip to NZ to do the Routburn Track over Christmas. The walk is about 50k over three days, but I will carry a full sized pack, v the recommended day pack, as practice for my planned backpacking adventures. The pack won’t be full but my theory is that every little helps, right?

Daily rehab. I haven’t pulled a Wino. This is the rehabilitation exercises for my nana hip and dodgy hamstring which I need to do regularly otherwise I’ll relapse. To be honest, I’m flirting with relapse at the moment but am just keeping it at bay. I’ve added some extra stretches to improve the flexibility of my hips and thoracic spine. Being a professional desk jockey takes its toll on my body.

Daily routine. This is the “oh, I should really do that” list. It currently contains: body brushing, daily meditation, applying eye cream, cleaning my home, drinking more water, decluttering, listening to podcasts and reading. This one is a work in progress..

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