End of the road


I’m home. If you’re a data nut like me, here are the stats my car kindly compiled from the journey.  That’s further than I’ve driven all year, and has pushed my car’s total distance to more than 30,000km. It had 13,000km on the clock when I purchased it a couple of years ago, so my guilt over it being a very expensive dust gatherer has been somewhat assuaged.

To summarise the trip, I took the western route heading up to Queensland and returned via the coastal eastern route. I preferred the latter, although the weather really closed in on the second last day. At times the rain was so heavy I couldn’t really see anything on the road. Not great at 100km/h. I slowed to nana pace but it still was a bit hairy. That also meant the conditions for camping were unacceptable (to me) so my final night on the road was spent in a motel.

Terrible weather aside, I really enjoyed the camping side of things. I stayed in some stunning places which would otherwise have been the locations for five-star resorts. Before I left, my biggest fear was that the isolation and exposure of being in a tent would be scary. But that didn’t bother me at all. I actually met some really nice people in the camping grounds, including a couple who lived a few kilometres from where I grew up in Brisbane.

All my camping and cooking gear worked perfectly, too. In all, it was the perfect way to trial all my gear before taking the next step into full pack camping. Which reminds me, I need to buy a pack before my next holiday to New Zealand, which is in less than a months’ time …



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