Slowing down

slow slug snail shell My life operated at a ridiculously hectic pace I was working. I was travelling between Sydney and Melbourne with disturbing regularity. Most days I was in the office by 730 and left after 6pm. My calendar was booked back-to-back weeks in advance. My brain had to function productively when jumping between different contexts and priorities with the myriad of team members and stakeholders I worked with.

A lot of that has calmed down now that I’m enjoying funemployment. But a lingering reminder of those hectic times is my over-stimulated brain. It has definitely slowed down, but it is still going at a pretty frantic pace.

I’m still making decisions at the speed of light and thinking at least half a dozen steps ahead of where I need to be at any point of time. That’s kept my head above water, but it’s beginning to frustrate me because almost every other person I’m interacting with is operating at a slower pace. And that’s the way it should be, but my over-stimulated brain hasn’t been coping so well with it and I’ve been getting a little cross.

It’s also likely that my travels through regional Australia, particularly some of the smaller coastal towns, has exacerbated that frustration when things aren’t happening lightning fast. That lovely relaxed, laid-back approach to life is wonderful and an aspiration for many including myself. So I’ve had to coach myself into taking a deep breath, to place myself in their shoes and put a smile on my face while I remember that I have all day, literally, for things to happen.

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