dawn desert dry duneThe eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed the myriad of references to drinking whilst I was on holiday recently.  I’m all for enjying the great things in life: food, wine and travel are particuarly high on that list.

But. (There’s always a but, right?)

I feel like my body is about 80% booze at the moment, so I’m taking a break from drinking. A long break – until Christmas, hopefully. It’s been 6 days and I haven’t killed anyone yet. My health has taken a bit of a hit with all the travel, food and booze, so I’m looking forward to feeling good again. And maybe shedding a bit of weight too.

On that note, I’m back to eaiting vegan/vegetarian and am eating super clean at the moment. I made a batch of yoghurt yesterday. Gosh it’s a pleasing thing to do, and I really like that I know exactly what’s in it, ie milk and a bit of bacteria. No sugar, no preservatives, nothing nasty. It tastes pretty good too. I’ll do a post on how to make yoghurt soon.

So whilst this blog promised epiphanies and wine, for the next few months it’ll just be epiphanies. On Sunday I start my road trip and I’m expecting many while I’m on the road.

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