An urban hike


I’m spending a few days in Hong Kong before heading back to Melbourne. In between a fairly hectic schedule of catching up with friends, I decided to do a bit of exercise. Our week in Vietnam was pretty laid back and didn’t involve a lot of moving, so my legs were twitching for a stretch. And stretch they did.

I decided to walk up to the Victoria Peak lookout. For the uninitiated, Victoria Peak is about 500m above sea level and is the highest point on Hong Kong Island. There is a funicular which ferries people up and down, and last time I was here I took an Uber. You can also walk. From where I was staying, it was about a 4k trip to get to the top and it took about an hour. I went up Old Peak Road, if you know the area, so I got to see some exclusive real estate on the way up too.

I know, right? An hour to walk 4k is not a particularly speedy pace. I’m more of a 6 to 7k/hour girl, thanks in equal parts to my 34-inch inseam and the years spent living in London where slow walking isn’t tolerated. The path to the top of The Peak is really, really steep so that slowed me down, as did gasping for air. There aren’t a lot of hills near where I live, so I found all the uphill walking really hard work. It was hot and humid, too. I was literally dripping with sweat when I got to the top.

The view from the lookout was more than enough reward for my efforts, and on the way up I had to keep reminding myself to enjoy the scenery. At times I couldn’t see anyone else on the path. Being in that tropical environment was such a contradiction to the concrete jungle that has taken over the rest of the island

Once I caught my breath, it was a cruisy 40-minute walk back down. I’m really pleased I did it and may try to squeeze it in again before I fly out. I’m just not sure how my legs will cope…


2 thoughts on “An urban hike

  1. When we lived in HK I did the walk from Stanley via Repulse Bay to the peak, couldn’t be arsed to walk back, caught the bus instead, much easier.


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