It’s a celebration

20181017_160819 Hold onto your hats, people. It’s only international gin and tonic day.  So it’s fitting that today’s post is bought to you by our consumption of gin. I picked up this beauty of a bottle at the airport duty free. At the time, a litre seemed excessive, but I can asssure you that we’ve tackled its consumption with gusto and we’re on track to complete the bottle before flying home.

I’m currently in Vietnam with one of my best friends – let’s call her Louise. One of our daily joys has been cracking open the Bombay Sapphire East blend, which is “infused with exotic eastern flavours”, including Thai lemograss and Vietnamese black peppercorns. It’s a win for us.

Being on holiday means my vegan and vegetarian cooking adventures are on hold. However, normal service will resume in about a week’s time, albeit briefly as I have another holiday coming up.

Vietnam is fabulous, by the way. We’re in a pretty remote location in the south which is perfect for some R&R.


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