Thai red coconut curry


Most of my vegie cooking these past few weeks has been exactly that, vegetarian. But I’ve just made a really delicious vegan meal. I have to admit I was surpised by how good it tasted. Vegan recipes eliminate so many of the good ingredients that I’ve always believed there’s no way to achieve a tasty outcome.

It wasn’t a completley meat-free day, though. I met friends for brunch, and I thoroughly enjoyed the maple bacon that came with my meal. Bacon is just the best.

Back to my vegan discovery: I made a Thai red coconunt curry and the recipe is here. Basically, there’s a tonne of vegetables – peas, broccoli, beans, spinach and even potatoes – with a red curry sauce and fried tofu. This would be a good recipe for using up any ageing veg in the fridge. Carrots, pumpkin, capscicum… they’d all go well in this dish.

I typically don’t fry any food when I’m cooking. But the cruel truth of the vegetarian and vegan life is that tofu has zero flavour. Literally, none. So tofu needs to be marinated for hours or fried to give it some taste and substance. I cooked this tofu in the wok with just a wee touch of olive oil, which gave it a nice crunch and flavour.

Next time,  I’ll use fewer potatoes and about 20% less coconut milk. But that’s a minor modification. I’m really happy with how this dish came up, which is good because I now have left overs for days. This one will definitely be added to my regular line up of meals.





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