Lazy lunch

20181003_130748Today was all about lazy lunch. Back in my London days, that would have meant meeting friends at a pub in the early afternoon before wining and dining our way to happiness and pouring myself into the bed in the wee hours of the next morning. Those were good times times, but I don’t miss the hangovers.

These days, lazy lunch means knocking up a meal from what few ingredients are in the fridge and pantry. And I’m pretty pleased with the result today.

Here’s what I did:

  • I roasted some butternut squash, left over from this curry earlier in the week
  • I cooked some quoinoa
  • Diced half a cucumber
  • Quartered a handful of plum tomatoes
  • Drained a can of chickpeas
  • Added a handful of olives

I assembled this poke-bowl style and dressed it with Hummus and Tzatziki, then ate it in my garden whilst pondering life.

As an aside, I recommend watching this video to understand why Londoners seem unhinged. It is absolutely factual.


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