repost_tempThis is a super quick post as I’m meeting a friend for dinner up the road shortly. Well, drinks then dinner. I’ve washed AND blow dried my hair. And, I’m not wearing activewear. That’s kind of a big deal these days.

I saw these words on Instagram yesterday. I wanted to share this because it really resonated with me. This is a statement that definitely reflects my current mental state (which is really, really good, for the record). I saw this in a post from Sarah Wilson, of I quit sugar fame. It was to promote an upcoming speaking tour and recipe book, but the words struck a chord with me.

I let way too many people f**k with my flow in my last job, certainly in the final 12 months or so. And I’m guilty of allowing my flow to be f**ked with, too. But now I’m free of all that and am back to a lovely state and it is good. It’s really, really good. I have a very strong sense of happiness and stability at the moment.

It’s really empowering to feel like this. I’ll need to work out how to maintain this when I eventually return to work, as well as how to stop people from f**king with it.