The simple things


There are some really obvious changes in my life now I’m not working. Such as not going to the office, having time to go to the gym, eating well and wearing activewear all day. But there are also some small things that have been really impactful in making me realise how much I compromised my personal life when I was working.

I had a separate mobile phone for work, because I like to keep business and personal distinct. Given the complete lack of personal life I have had in the past years, the irony of that statement is not lost on me. Anyway, I had two phones when I was working. And now I have just one, and it is supremely liberating. I’m no longer checking my work phone or carrying the mild anxiety that there would be an email, Slack message or SMS alert about a system outage that I’d need to action.

In my job, I travelled interstate two or three times a month for almost three years. Early on I got fed up with coming home late on Friday night to a bunch of wilted blooms that had that  particular fragrance of being past their use-by date. But this morning I bought a fresh bunch of flowers for the first time in years. I was so excited when I saw these blooms at the grocer because I knew I’d be at home to see them. Every. Day. For weeks.

Some people love travelling for work. I am not one of those people. I learned to make it work for me, but it was a real grind to stay in hotels, dine on room service and work late into the night over and over again. If all that travel was personal, then of course I would have loved every minute.

I’ve been home for a week after my NT adventure, and I’ll be here for another two weeks before I jet off to Vietnam for a holiday. That’s three consecutive weeks at home. I think this is the second time in a couple of years that I’ve been in my own home for so long. This brings me so much joy and I’m going to enjoy every single minute of it.

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