Tofu and wine time

Today was peak adulting in comparison to yesterday’s slow start and extended pyjama wearing. I had meetings in town from 930 until 6, but punctuated the day with a delightful lunch with a very dear friend. I say very dear, but she was totally judging me for my vegetarian cooking endeavours. Oh, and she ordered a vegetarian meal but tried to make up for it by getting bacon on the side. I’m just saying. We have a tradition of meeting at Moby in Armadale, which is in between our respective homes. The chef used to work at Ottolenghi in London, a firm favourite for both of us, so it’s a lovely place to have a bite and catch up.

My final meeting was about a job, which at any other time would be a million percent perfect, but my head just isn’t in the game for work at the moment. I’m on gardening leave until tomorrow, so technically I’m still employed, right? It’s a shame because it’s a great opportunity and I know I’d learn loads from the manager, but it wouldn’t be good for me to take it while I’m still feeling like this. So, tomorrow I’ll have to make a call and let him down gently.

Dinner tonight is a lemongrass and coconut noodle soup. And, in exciting news, it features tofu and not lentils. I’m kicking all sorts of vegetarian goals this week. The recipe is online, so I won’t reproduce it here. It was pretty simple combination of stir-fried veg, tofu, coconut milk, stock and rice noodles. The coconut milk and stock separated while it was cooking, so it didn’t look as good as the photos, but it tasted pretty damn fine. Plus, no pre-gaming of the tofu (v the overnight soaking of lentils), so an actual quick and meat-free meal to cook. And, leftovers for days.

The tagline of my blog promises wine as well as epiphanies and vegetarian cooking, but you may have noticed it’s been a silent player in these pages thus far. I can promise there has been wine while I’ve been cooking. And writing. There is always wine.

So, alongside tonight’s delightful tofu meal, I had an icy cold glass of Gruner Veltliner. It’s a white wine that comes from South Australia. Well, the grape is a native to Austria but is finding fame here in ‘straya. The tasting notes say it’s wild by name but not by nature. And the label is pretty funky. We all know that’s the true measure of a good wine.

Side note: In preparation for my upcoming non-working status, I have cancelled my wine delivery service. I feel like I’ve broken up with my best friend. It cuts so deep.

Wild Gruner


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